Monday, December 28, 2009

Digital Collage

The links are

Google Maps

The only way from my house to SST is to take bus963 to the bus stop next to Nan Hua Pri Sch before crossing the road and walking through the block of flats. Google Maps not only gives direction but you can also view landmarks using the satellite images Google Maps offer.

How i felt when creating this blog

Creating this blog was like a new experience to me as i do not blog. Blogging was fairly easy and simple and i understood what i needed to do after watching the tutorial once. Blogging can be part of our learning experience as it can help us in many ways like when doing projects, we can share our ideas online and our group members can also give comments on how we can improve our ideas. If we encounter any problems with school work, we can also post them online and our friends can also give us a solution on our problems.

Feelings after i got into SST

This was how i felt after i got into sst because at first i was worried that i could not get into sst as many of my friends was in the waiting list and i thought that i would have suffered the same fate as them. When i got the letter from the mailbox, i was apprehensive when opening the letter but as soon as i saw the words confirmed, i was overjoyed!